A Spouse In Service To God

In the company of other Christians, male and female, the question was asked, “Should a person look for a spouse in the Church?” In my heart, I could not believe some of the answers that I heard to this question.

The one answer that shocked me the most was, “I don’t go to church to find a woman (or man). I go to church to find God.” What was so shocking is that people who are saved, spirit filled, and long-time members of churches gave this answer. I would more expect for a sinner who is seeking God to give this kind of answer, or a newly born-again baby Christian, but not a “seasoned saint”.

I guess that goes to show just how religious minded we can still be. It seems that the reason a person who has been going to church for any reasonable amount of time is because he or she has already found and gotten to know God. If that’s true, then the Church is an excellent first choice as a good place to find a spouse, as opposed to a night club, strip joint, or some other no so godly place.

Even in my old “sinner days” when I was “looking for love in all the wrong places” I knew that the Church was probably my best shot at finding a good woman to be my wife. Yet, I also remember being so hungry for heaven and so desperate to escape hell, that finding a wife was the furthest thing from my mind.

But once I did get saved and born-again, the scales fell off my eyes! I not only saw heaven in me, I saw heaven in all God’s creations. The people looked different. The Church looked different. The Pastor looked different. But most of all, the women in the Church looked very different, particularly from what I was accustomed to seeing.

My first thought was…(well, I had to pray about that first thought). But my second thought was, “Where the heck have I been all my life to have missed all this glory and genuine beauty?” The third thought was a revelation that I had answered my own question in the second thought.

The most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life to this day are the ones in Church. I acknowledge that there are beautiful women in the world. But the one kind of beauty that women in the Church have that women in the world do not have is the beauty of the glory of God on them and in them. And this kind of glory and beauty goes with them whether they are in Church, not in the Church, at work, at the store, or wherever!

In my opinion the best place to find a wife or husband is wherever God leads you. Period! But I also believe that so many saints have and will miss out on their blessing if they continue to go by this prideful and religious mindset of “I just go to Church to find God”. Not only is the Church an idea place to find a spouse, it can also be a very good place to find a variety of other of God’s many life changing blessings, ministries, businesses, and purpose.


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