Nothing is more abhorring than to see a good and godly woman being used, abused, neglected, rejected, and wasted on some idiot excuse of a man who willingly refuses to acknowledge and treat that woman as the gift and blessing that God made her to be.

Truth be told, it’s just about as abhorring to see a woman that allows and puts up with this kind of behavior, and mistreatment, for long periods of time, only to watch things grow worse and worse. Now that I think about it, there are good and godly men who go through this exact same thing with women. Why is this so? How is this so? There are people who knowingly go beyond extremes, who admit that they know better, who admit that it should stop, and even admit that it should have never gotten this far, yet, something inside them drives them to go on a little further, a little longer. What is this? What’s the cause? What’s the cure?

In many cases, the victims in these relationships and marriages share a common addiction the other persons’ acceptance and approval. Throughout past generations women were taught and raised to be good wives, serve their husbands, stick by the man and never leave them no matter what. Their place was in the home and for the home. The approval from what women did back then in the home and for the man was vital to their level of self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

Even as times has changed in today’s modern relationship mindset, the need for most women to feel approved and appreciated for her contributions towards a happy relationship has not changed (except maybe from her dependency on the man has forcibly turned into dependency on herself—what a tragedy). When the supply for acceptance, approval and appreciation from either party begins to wane and disappear, that feeling of “something is missing” begins to haunt and taunt that relationship or marriage. That feeling of something is missing becomes easily interpreted (or misinterpreted) as, “The thrill is gone”.

The answer? Get your priorities right! Get GOD into your ministry to that other significant one, and put serving God FIRST! THAT’S what’s really missing! When you put serving that other person before serving God, your priorities will be misplaced, and so will the true rewards and blessings of your love be misplaced.

The REAL blessings that make a woman a true “help meet” and a really “good thing” is when she has committed herself to FIRST be a wife IN SERVICE to God, THEN in ministry to the husband (or husband to be). From the giving of herself to first be a wife in service to God, then in ministry to the man, all the acceptance, approval, and appreciation she will ever need will come FIRST from God. Anything after that…is extra!

The man that has the godly sense to recognize, acknowledge, appreciate, and take good and godly care of the wife (or wife to be) that God has given to be a good thing and help meet to him, is a man who has truly found “The Favor of God”.

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