Cliffton Hubbard is “A man on the go…” Where is he going? He’s going everywhere, taking his message of dream fulfillment in relationships, marriage, and ministry to the world. Cliffton Hubbard is the author of “Whoso Findeth A Wife—What it Really Means” and “Knowing the God Spot in your Heart”.

Cliffton Hubbard, a musician and writer born in Detroit, Michigan, is founder of “God’s Pen Publications.” He strongly believes that in marriage there is ministry. In that ministry is the power of God for both the man and the wife to help each other accomplish anything and fulfill every purpose that God put in their hearts and lives.

Cliff’s own passion and ministry through writing is to share the simplicity of God’s truths for the enjoyment of His dreams in our lives. In his book, “Whoso Findeth A Wife”, Cliffton reveals some amazing truths from the bible scripture, Proverbs 18:22. He says that this scripture is not just for the single woman waiting to be found, or just for the man looking for her. He says that because this scripture refers to the blessing of God in every woman to be a wife in service to God, then it pertains also to the married, the divorced, and the widow.

His book entitled Knowing the “God Spot In Your Heart” sheds light on the real G-Spot that both men and women should know about for a truly rewarding relationship and marriage. His cutting-edge approach and advice will revolutionize the way men and women see and conduct themselves in relationships, love and marriage.

Other books by Cliffton Hubbard include, “God’s Secrets for Dream Fulfillment”, and “God’s Genesis Dream”. What’s Cliffton Hubbard doing now? Currently, he’s giving presentations based on his books all around Detroit and the Metro Area. Also, he attends Writing Workshops and Conferences sponsored by American Christian Writers, and, Motown Writer’s Network.

For more information on Cliffton Hubbard, his books and products, visit:http://www.facebook.com/clifftonhubbard
or contact him at: clifftonhubbard21@gmail.com


That is exactly what “Called to the Ministry of Marriage” is about, US! It is about people like you and I. People who still have a strong surviving and thriving passion in our hearts that simply refuses to go unanswered and unfulfilled.

“Called to the Ministry of Marriage” is far more than about a chance relationship between a writer and reader, or between a web builder and web surfer. It is about you and me, anyone and everyone on the planet with a burning desire and passion to have and enjoy a meaningful relationship and marriage and still serve God and His Kingdom.

My passion and purpose behind “Called to the Ministry of Marriage” is to edify and exhort with revelation, information, and inspiration


Email: clifftonhubbard21@gmail.com


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