Knowing The “God Spot” In Your Heart


There is an area of passion, purpose, and power called, “The God Spot” in the spiritual nature of every woman.  It is far more intense and satisfying than the G-spot in the body. As a woman, knowing the God Spot in your heart is vital to the enjoyment of the love and fulfillment of the purpose that God designed for you.

The fulfillment of purpose with passion, satisfaction, and security without the fear of disappointment can be yours when you know and understand the workings of the God Spot in your heart.

God has given you a divine purpose to fulfill.  That “alarm” that goes off when the fulfillment or satisfaction of that purpose is threatened, offended or violated is coming from the God Spot area in your spirit.

When God made you, he created in you the nature, the power, sensitivity, drive, passion and purpose to operate in the blessing of being a help meet to your husband.  This area of blessing is God’s own “God Spot” in you.

God designed it to yield an indescribable sense of satisfaction every time your contribution as a help meet is recognized, acknowledged, appreciated, and continually needed. It’s like having heaven on earth. On the other hand, hell hath no fury, and man has little defense against the woman whose passion is continually offended, discouraged, rejected, or neglected.

God made you with the great blessing of being a “good thing” (Proverbs 18:22), and the divine purpose to be a help meet (Genesis 2:18).  This means that the help that you have to offer has a divine purpose, and, is divinely needed. Thus, the blessing and power of the “God Spot” in you!


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