“Knowing The God Spot In Your Heart”

*Ladies, there is a place of Power and Divine Passion in your spirit called, “The God Spot”. Much of the time it is far more intense & purposeful than the G-Spot in your body. Physical satisfaction by the G-Spot in your body is temporal. Satisfaction by way of the “God Spot” in your spirit, is eternal.

*God has given you a divine purpose to fulfill. That “alarm” that goes off when the fulfillment or satisfaction of that purpose is threatened, violated, or offended is coming from the “God Spot” area in your spirit.

*In the “God Spot” of your spirit is a “Divine Need to be Divinely Needed”. This is part of what constitutes the “passion” and “drive” in you to always be “a help” and a “blessing”. It is only through the acceptance, acknowledgement, and appreciation of who you are, and what you have to offer, that brings true fulfillment to your purpose, passion, and position as a wife to your husband (or husband to be).

* How you are, right now, you are the “Good Thing” that GOD made you…WITHOUT man or marriage!

* Men! For those of you who have always wanted to know the secret to that aged-old unanswered question that’s been lurking down in the deepest and innermost part of your heart: “How does a manreally please his wife (or wife to be)…this book reveals “God’s Way” of doing just that!

Whether you are single, married, separated, divorced, or widowed, there is STILL a “God Spot” in your heart!

ISBN: 978-0-9765650-4-8

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