I’d almost be willing to wager that the divorce rate between Christians, Believers, and Saints in the Church and around the world would at least be cut in half if they’d only understood and really discerned the devil’s real purpose in divorce.

As terrible as divorce is between a husband and wife, and as horrible as divorce can be on the children and throughout the family, people are not the primary target of the devil’s destructive weapon of divorce. Jesus said that the thief comes not but for to steal, kill, and to destroy. While destroying marriages, breaking up families, businesses, partnerships, ministries, and etc. are tragic casualties in the wake of assault against mankind, his real target is against what I have come to call, “God’s Genesis Dream”.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26-28).

Man, who turns to his wife and says, “Let us make a baby, have a family, and live happily ever after on the earth”, is not the originator of making a plan to have a family. The devil heard God’s plans to have a family, in a kingdom of heaven environment on earth. The devil saw God empower the man and the woman with the Blessing to carry out God’s Genesis Dream on the earth. And the devil saw God put the man and the woman together to create His own “Dream Team” of “husband and wife”, and called it “marriage”.

Too many people think that marriage is first about the man and the woman falling in love, creating their own family, and living out their dream on the earth. In the eyes of God, marriage is first about man, making God’s Genesis Dream his primary personal dream on the earth. For man to do this, man would have to know and make God’s purpose for marriage primary to his own personal purposes for marriage.

The devil does not want God’s Genesis Dream to be fulfilled on the earth. Neither does he want God’s “Dream Team” of husband and wife to operate in the power of the Blessing, or in the power of the heavenly ministry of marriage that God ordained for them on earth. He knows he can’t do anything directly against God to stop God’s dream. So, he assaults God indirectly by killing man, stealing dreams, and destroying marriages.

How would you respond to divorce, now knowing that it’s not primarily about you? Would you re-determine your marriage priorities? Would you give more of yourself to God to protect your spouse, marriage, and family? As a single desiring to get married, or a divorced person desiring to remarry, would you take a more serious attitude about guarding and protecting your marriage right from the very start?

God’s word in Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that “…a threefold cord is not quickly broken”. God, you and your spouse (or spouse to be) can make up a chord around your marriage that the devil cannot break as quickly and as easily as he thought he could before. God, you and your spouse (or spouse to be) qualify for the fulfillment of God’s promise and provision in Matthew 18: 18-20.

If you so desire it, you can have a marriage that is (or can be) a godly marriage. You can have a marriage that is truly blessed, blissful, and beautiful. You can let the world and the devil know that, “Divorce is not an option”.


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